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The Mission :

The mission of this web page is to encourage all race and gender to learn one of our almost forgotten ancient Art of native Filipino hand and foot fighting.

Inspirited by: The Founder

Great GrandMaster

Carlito Lanada Sr.

Greetings and Good Health!

The International Kuntaw Federation-Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas (IKF-KNP) in the United Arab Emirates was brought and introduced by Kyud Argelio A. Maranan, a 4'th degree Kuntaw Blackbelt on March 1988 from Saudi Arabia. Kyud Argel, moved to Dubai as head cook for the Filipino employees at Dubai Police Force. Being free most of his time, he decided to propagate the ancient art of native Filipino Hand and Foot fighting. At first among the Filipino workers of Dubai Police, then, as the members ventured out into the open, they met other Filipinos, thus the Filipino Martial Arts style blossomed, practically by word of mouth. He was followed and assisted by Kyud Manolito Santos, a 3’rd degree Kuntaw Blackbelt who was also trained from Saudi Arabia.

Soon afterwards, Filipinos from different multi-national companies started joining, and through them, different nationalities came, observed and joined the Filipino Martial Art. Thus, the proper exposure for Kuntaw was slowly but surely being established.

Eventually, a decade after, Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas has planted its foundation firmly on U.A.E. soil. Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas has made an impact within the Martial Arts community here in United Arab Emirates, although before, the ancient art of native Filipino was basically ignored, even by some Filipinos who studied or are under training in other styles. Finally, they have realized that Kuntaw is an entity to co-exist and reckon with!... coupled with the recognition and support of the Philippine Embassy in the U.A.E. It became a formidable combination.

The main studio of Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas in early 1992 was located at OWWA Center in Regga Road, Dubai, recognised by the Philippine Embassy. In 1995, Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas acquired a new Headquarter in OWWA Center, Abu Dhabi during the arrival of Kyud Rodolfo L. Lorejo Sr (4'th degree Kuntaw Blackbelt), who was trained under Kyud Benjie Ortiz and Kyud John Bais, and also just moved from Saudi Arabia. These two branches only cater to Filipino Expatriates since it is within the Philippine Embassy premises. Other nationalities had joined in Gold’s Gym, World’s Gym, later in Superstar Gym located in the heart of Deira, Dubai under the instruction of Kyud ESO. Kyud Rudy was appointed IKF-KNP Director for United Arab Emirates Chapter by the founder himself; Great GrandMaster Carlito Lanada Sr; who is now based in the United States and earlier inducted as the youngest Filipino GrandMaster in the Hall of Fame and Martial Arts Museum of America.

Kuntaw Ng Pilipinas in U.A.E. continuous to revive, propagate, and instruct the study of the ancient art of native Filipino self defense. These are accomplished by a regimen of movements in a form of martial art, which shows and expresses the art of that style, called “SAYAW-AN”. The basic training of mind and body, physical fitness, mental and emotional conditioning are developed through a concerted exercise program. These are the basic principles that will build the mental and physical strength and required stamina. Hence, it is the development of overall well being.

Sayaw-an is not about pretty movements, but a highly developed physical, mental and spiritual flow of movement in self defense. This is not just a ritual movement and drilling of all techniques basic to Kuntaw, but is comprised of stances, balance, speed and rhythm while applying the arts and supporting the flexibility of the body in self defense and counter attack.

This ancient art of Filipino teaches the principles of hard and soft variations along with helical, linear and circular movements. To adopt the style of Kuntaw, one must take an intelligent and progressive step which should provide mental and physical benefits, not only in the immediate future, but for the rest of one’s life. Kuntaw tends to wipe out the difference of size, weight and reach. The first step one must learn is poise and assurance.

Kuntaw Physical Force Principles:

Any action or movement of the body always depends upon a combination of muscular expansion and contraction. The force exerted by movement is directly proportional to the degree of expansion and contraction; like the coil spring – the greater the deflection of the spring, the greater the force exerted by it when it is released. Many parts of the human body act in a similar way.

The striking force exerted by a kick or a blow is directly proportional to the degree of expansion and contraction of the muscles involved and inversely proportional to the delivery time (that is, the faster the blow is delivered, the greater the striking force). In Kuntaw, it is not the muscular force applied to a large object that is required but rather a lesser amount delivered very quickly.

In scientific terms, force is equal to the mass times the square of the velocity (f=mv2). Therefore, it can easily be seen that relatively small increases in the speed of delivery can greatly increase the amount of force.To execute any kind of heavy physical work, concentration of force is required - expenditure of a great amount of force will accomplish little if it is dispersed. By the same token, a small expenditure of force properly concentrated, can be devastating. The practice of Kuntaw is the act of concentration of force at the proper place with the proper timing.

Kuntaw's Article of Faith

These are not the only key concept in the philosophy underlying the practice of Kuntaw, but serve basic ground rules that must be followed by student and instructor alike. It is accepted that members in good standing will follow these principles to the best of their ability.

1. He who gives respect, gains it. Willing acceptance of the prerogatives of higher rank and support of a lower ranking individual's human dignity and self-esteem are necessary in the practice of Kuntaw. Also while a member can be proud of his chosen style-Kuntaw, he must be aware that there are many other legitimate martial arts styles which are not deserving of ridicule. Rather, one must search for the points of commonality and value differences in order to cooperatively co-exist.

2. Kuntaw seeks to develop an individual's self-confidence to this, members must realize that given the wide variance in individual capacity, each person has a unique potential to fulfill. Belief in one's ability to exceed his previous achievent can facilitate the process.

3. No one is perfect. Accepting one's own imperfections eliminates a roadblock to progress.

4. Even practitioner of Kuntaw must strive for excellence in everything he does. Being the best is not the objective, rather doing the best one can is the goal. This is the only way an individual can discover his full potential and therefore his limits.

5. Be patient. Do not laugh at the mistakes of others. The practice of Kuntaw teaches that errors should result in a growth experience, not a humiliating one.

6. Enthusiasm benefits everyone. Helping others, encouraging participation and serious practice promote the art and develop the person.

7. Cleanliness aside from its social significance also says something about an individual's self respect.

8. Determination often represents the difference between the success and failure. Each member shall strive to develop his endurance and to build a capacity for calmness in the face of adversity.